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Fit-to-Fight (F2F) Program

Obesity is the top diagnosis in the 35 MDG population, with obese active duty members outnumbering counterparts in the civilian/dependent population. To curb the growing trend, the 35th MDG collaborated with the 35th Force Support Squadron’s Fitness Assessment Cell to bring a comprehensive and holistic approach to obesity management.

This is in line with Department of Defense’s goal to maintain and strengthen our Armed Forces deployability and ultimately, mission readiness.

The Fit to Fight (F2F) program was designed following recommendations from the 2016 American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Guidelines for the Clinical Management of Obesity. F2F implemented changes in two program implementation areas: the Medical Group, to address clinical assessment, diagnosis and therapy/treatment; and, the Fitness Assessment Cell, to address patient safety and gaps in the mandated physical training program for fitness improvement.

The clinical component considers obesity as a chronic disease and follows a disease management model and a multidisciplinary team approach. Enrolled patients go through a pathophysiology orientation (introductory class) and are then sent to nutritional medicine (five sessions) and the behavioral health optimization program (five sessions) for group or individualized coaching on lifestyle change.

The physical training component is medically-guided and individually-tailored to ensure patient safety. Physical trainers take into account patients’ musculoskeletal injuries and other disease/conditions. Patients in the program are followed by their provider and the health coach or disease manager throughout its six-month length.

The F2F program does not deliver miracles, nor does it give waivers for fitness tests. Its goal is to help patients develop self-management skills to restore health, prevent chronic disease, enhance physical performance and help regain deployability to remain in the military.

Enrollment in the program is voluntary. Active duty members who have failed the abdominal circumference component of their fitness tests are urged to join. Those who have had repeated fitness test profiles or have not had a full fitness test for more than one year are also encouraged to enroll.

The program also includes community health interventions such as the provision and identification of healthy food choices and community health education.

The program is also open to Active duty Navy and Army members.

Civilian TRICARE beneficiaries enrolled to a primary care manager at the 35th MDG can participate on a space-available basis.

To find out if you meet criteria for enrollment in the program, please make an appointment (tel: 226-6111 or comm: 0176-77-6111) with your primary care manager with “Fit to Fight Initial Evaluation” as your reason for the appointment.

Ask the primary care manager if you need to complete screening labs (for obesity-related conditions) before your appointment.

At your appointment, expect the team to take actual scale measurements of your height, weight and waist line. Let your primary care manager know of any issues you may have that affects weight management such as injuries, pending surgeries, sleep issues, tobacco and alcohol use, mental health issues.

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For F2F program inquiries, you can call the Health Care Integrator at 226-6488.

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